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Online degree Accreditation

Students should know about the Online degree program’s accreditation status. The accreditation of an online degree program or e-learning distance degree is important for:

- Federal Financial Aid and student Loans

- Finding a job

In the United States of America, requests about online degree programs should be addressed to the federal Department of Education or to your regional accreditation authority. In Canada, provincial ministries of education are the right authority: there is no federal online degree granting authority. In Australia, although self-accrediting, universities are authorized by a separate Act of Parliament in each case. In Europe, each country's ministry of education is the relevant authority for online degree accreditation.

Here you will find the North American accreditation and educational authorities. We have also included the ministries and other authorities responsible for online degrees and other education matters in Australia, New Zealand and the European countries.

NORTH AMERICA online degree authorities

EUROPE online degree authorities

AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND online degree authorities

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