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Foreign Language Schools

All the information about international schools in this site is linked with information about the best Language schools in the world because it is impossible for you to think about going abroad for an academic year or to study for a long period in a foreign school without the option of learning a foreign language.

When you apply to study in a school, one of the first questions you will be asked is what your level of the language spoken in the school is. It is recommended to go to a Language School for a minimum of one month if you want to understand all the subjects given in the school.

Don´t forget to have a look at the International School programme because it is always written in the language in which the classes will be given to the students. In many cases it is obligatory to use two or three languages (in the majority of European Schools of Business, for example).

The experience of studying in a school abroad will be fantastic as you will be able to communicate with other local students and with people in the street, shops, supermarkets… This is one of the most important decisions in life and it will help you to be more confident, to live “alone” with your family, and solve your problems by yourself or learning to ask for help from your teacher and friends.

Furthermore with economic travel prices such as those of train fares (especially when investing in deals such as the Eurorail pass), you are never far from home! And likewise, your friends and family are never far from you! Once you have settled in your destination of language course, you will know the place more than well enough to be able to guide your visitors around the town – much better than a holiday given that you are already familiar with the place and know all the best places!

A popular destination for those students interested in Culture and History is Florence , where you will find quality Italian language schools in Florence, combined with the opportunity of learning Italian in the city of Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci.

Should you be reading about all these fantastic travel and learn opportunities but be finding it difficult to find a time in which you are able to travel for some time (perhaps you have commitments which tie you at home), then don’t worry! You can still experience a new culture without having to go further than your doorstep! Consider being a host to a foreign student wanting to learn English. You will be helping them learn the language and integrate themselves into your own culture but you too will have to adapt a little and learn about their culture. It is an enormously enriching experience! Think about where you live – cities such as London, Edinburgh and Dublin are always popular (many Spanish students look for cursos de ingles en Irlanda or cursos de ingles en Canada and the reputation for the country’s language schools has risen rapidly as a result). Then consult a local school to get yourself on the list and await your new guest! Posts like an EFL host teacher could get you contacts from right the way round the world and open up all kinds of new doors!

Recommended Language schools abroad

If you haven't yet decided which language you want to learn, this site offer you a wide selection of Language Schools in the world.

barcelona spanish courses

Working abroad’s a great option to do on your summer holidays if going to a language school doesn’t appeal. A great way to integrate into the local culture, you’ll have plenty of skills to add to your CV or resume too! Remember that foreign workers (especially if still counted as students) are often entitled to tax back. This could even help you fund your next trip!

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For more information on resume writing samples and cover letter tips please visit, offering all the information, tips writing a resume, free resources and examples about resumes, cv and cover letters on the web.

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