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Online degree study tips

Online degrees require real studying. These are a few online degree study tips that will help you to succeed in you online degree courses. Have a look at this list and see if you think that you will be able to follow most of them:

Memorize actively, not passively.

Be ambitious but not unrealistic.

Learn to say no to yourself and others when you need your time to study.

Know about the online help resources available (instructor chats, Voice over IP, forums, etc.).You can also be in touch with your mentor by making cheap international calls through IP Telephone

Organize your schedule in a way that you can be alone or isolated when studying.

Avoid potential home distractions: TV, loud music, even your own family.

Interrupt your computer activity once per hour to relax your eyes and move your legs: take a short walk for a few minutes and look through the windows as far as you can reach.

Avoid smoking. Smoking while studying tends to become a tough long-term addiction because you concentrate in what you're studying and you no longer realize that you're actually smoking too much.

Take care of lighting. Your light should be as white as possible and get to you from the left and from the back. If possible, have natural light.

Get a good TFT monitor or at least a screen protection for your eyes.

Print as many materials as possible instead of reading them onscreen. You may save money by printing at low quality, but not at the expense of forcing your eyes to too long computer sessions.

Before starting to study, do a short relaxation/breathing exercise to help concentration and inspiration. That will help you through your online degree.

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